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Shawn Bolz
Shawn Bolz and the band "Outpouring"
Shawn Bolz
Shawn Bolz

We were anticipating an amazing meeting with Shawn this past week and we were not disappointed.  I received so many testimonies from you of healing and incredible prophetic words that were so right on.  My son Robbie attended Shawn's church in Hollywood last Tuesday and God filled in a hole in his tooth!  It was a reconstructive miracle. 

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Elmer Atlookin
Shawn Bolz Protocol Service with Elmer Atlookin
Protocol Service

Elmer Altookin started off the Friday service with a protocal service where local native Americans welcomed Shawn to the region.  The power of God was so thick that neither Shawn nor I could talk for some time aftewards.  We just stood there in power and waited on God.  The rest of the service was one of the most memorable ever!

Shawn Bolz
Georgia Sayler

Georgia has had nine back surgeries and had an internal pain relief device put in her by the surgeon that she did not like.  Here is her testimony of what happened at the meeting:

"Now the good part, last night I felt this electric current come into me. I have never had this experience and quite frankly I didn't not know how to explain it. So I am sitting there thinking "this must be a God thing". This morning Debbie said "let me see your back" (at that point I had NOT told her about what I felt last night). When she lifted up my shirt and looked at my spine the thing was gone. It was very obvious and in fact she had been quite concerned the past few weeks because it was not looking very good. She believed infection was setting in and quite frankly did NOT say anything to me about it. After she felt it and saw that the bump was gone, the area was clear and normal."

An e-mail from Tami Anderson

Last night during worship, I felt the Lord tell me to take my neck brace off.  I
was hesitant because I can't go without it for longer than a half hour.  My
muscles in the back of my neck hadn't healed and I was placed off work longer
because I couldn't really hold my head up on my own. The Doctor also told me that I would only have a minimal range of motion, and prior to the surgery my range was already minimal and he said it would be less than that..I had been prayed for by you and another gentleman there in a morning service three weeks ago.  I began feeling stronger but not in big amounts.

suddenly noticed that my neck moved to look back at the man instead of my body turning.  I then attempted to look to my left and noticed that it was less range but I just kept turning it all during the rest of the service.  I couldn't even hardly turn my head with my brace at all and without it, I couldn't do anything but front views.. I realized that God was healing me right there.  My range of motion is far greater than it was pre-surgery and I have been without my brace all night and all day so far.

Shawn Barclay Cherie Bolz
Shawn Bolz

Cherie Bolz