Battle Against Apathy

As I woke this morning, right before my eyes opened up to today's reality, I felt my heart begin to will my body to sleep longer. It was like my heart didn’t want to be activated in the demands of caring for this day. I’ve had that periodically throughout my life and it’s been something that I’ve had to take an aggressive part in willing myself to kick into “care mode” upon facing each new day.

After fighting the will to continue sleeping (longer than I should) I opened my eyes and just laid there, staring out at the mountains, through my beautiful picture window. It was my dog, Lobo, 100 lbs of hairy Malamute/Shepherd, that hopped up on my bed (which he knows is a forbidden practice) and encourage me to get up and let him out!

My battle this morning and many mornings were to fight APATHY. Apathy, I believe is a powerful emotion that has a sole purpose to paralyze us from expending energy on its opposite emotion of CARE or LOVE.

Apathy, is simply summed up with a phrase that we’ve all said, “ask me if I care about that.” or “give a quarter to someone who cares” or ” if you think I give a red rats #$% about that you’re gravely mistaken” or “whatever, what makes you think I care?” The mantra “I don’t care” continues to echo in our minds and eventually makes it out into the atmosphere through our shouts or silent inner vow whispers.

I really believe it’s so much easier NOT TO CARE about things, people, situations or anything that is presenting a negative pressure into our lives. But the truth of the matter is that APATHY is a form of hatred and as we are people whose destiny is to live in LOVE, there is no room for APATHY.

I’m choosing today to CARE about the hard things, people, situations that come my way today. I believe in my effort to activate CARING in my heart APATHY will dissipate. God knows that this is a battle I fight daily in all different aspects of my life, but today I commit to you to turn the light on in my heart and CARE again. Especially about the things in life that I’d just as soon dispose of because they bring me pain. Pain will no longer be a field where I let APATHY take hold.

Daily Challenge: Sit down today and write down all the things or the people who you really don’t care about (don’t be surprised if you use more that one piece of paper). Be honest with yourself. Then pick just one thing or person on that list and choose to care again. Begin to pray for them. Ask God to reveal a way that you can make it known to them or your situation that you are committing to care again. Do this every day, a new item each day, and let’s watch us go from people who live in apathy to people who love again.


Talk to God in the next 24 hours. Remember to breathe and on the exhale give God all the Praise!