Battle for the Next Step

Sept 1, 2012

Sneakers, spandex gym knickers, and comfy T-shirt on;  small, lightweight handbag with iPad, iPhone, and water bottle (full of ice and tea) strapped on my back, were all eager signs of my readiness to trek into the town of Genoa, NV on foot from the Walley’s Hot Springs Resort. I’d been entertaining this idea for the last two days during my rest at Walley’s and today I finally pulled the trigger! I was so excited to make this walk and contribute to my get-in-shape program.

If you’ve ever been to Walley’s you know how beautiful it is with the mountains in the distance framing in the cow pastures and ponds. The highway that leads to the town is a desert highway, hot, dusty, long, flat and uneven. The teeny, weeny, houses in the distance gave a good perspective to how far away it seemed.

I must admit when I started out walking “up” to the highway I was sweating and breathing hard. Now we’re only talking two minutes from my door to the highway to begin my journey. So, by the time I hit the highway and saw how small the houses were, I began to have regrets!

On I went, down the road, sweating and breathing hard. My eyes were pretty much glued to the ground because…well, I don’t know why…just because, I think I was making a huge mistake.

Suddenly, about three minutes into it, I heard a gun shot to the left of me and I noticed a white truck pulled over to the side of the road. The tall, thin, older,  man was holding some sort of rifle, pointing it at the side of the mountain. He turned to watch me as I walked by. I kept my eyes straight ahead, hoping if I didn’t look at him, he’d take his attention off of me and back onto the rabbit or snake, or target, or whatever he was shooting at. I kept walking.

After about five minutes down the road, I could see no end in sight. I lost sight of the little houses in the distance because the road was winding around a bend. I felt this surge of regret, thinking, maybe I should just turn around and go back. Ten minutes is a long enough walk. Something within me said, “keep going, don’t give up, accomplish your mission, you’ll be glad you did”. I then caught myself answering the little voice prompting me NOT to turn back.

“What if it takes me an hour to get there? That means it’ll take me an hour to get back and I don’t think I’ll want to walk back for another hour. I’m not a hitch-hiker, so then what?” The prompting voice didn’t answer. I just kept walking, one foot in front of the other, finding the rhythm in my breathing and sweating like a work-horse.

I was really glad I kept walking because when I arrived at the first shop in the town I looked at the time and it was only 20 minutes. I ride the stationary bike at the gym for 20 minutes every other day, so I was really happy I would only have a 20-minute walk back.

I had a really nice time in Genoa. I visited every shop, (all four of them) and sat in one of their cafes for a light lunch. I was able to make a phone call to a good friend. After about two hours (of procrastinating) I decided it was about time I walk back to the resort. 20 minutes would be all it would take. I can do this. It was a little cooler out and there was a nice breeze. No big deal right? Wrong!

Off I go. One foot in front of the other. After a few minutes up the road I could see the teeny tiny roof top of the resort that sat below the highway. It looked so far away, but I knew that it wouldn’t be that long, probably only 15 more minutes. It was so strange how my mind was fighting me the whole time. I wanted to be anywhere else at that moment than 15 whole minutes away from my resort on foot. Bring me a camel, a donkey, a motorcycle, anything! My feet and legs were tired. My back was sore from carrying the day pack, which now had more stuff in it because I actually bought something at the boutique.

It was the time when I felt like I couldn’t take another step, physically or mentally, that I heard the little voice again, “start counting your steps Wendi. Don’t focus on the distance, focus on your accomplishment. Begin to count every step of success, and before you know it, you’ll see your victory. You’ll be back at the resort” So, I did. At that moment I began counting, 1,2,3….10..60..75..99, 100.

100 steps went by so fast, then I continued, 101,2,3,4…10..20..99, 200.

On I went. Before you know it I was at 400 then 600 steps. You guessed it, 700…900 steps. I had no idea how many more steps to go, but by 900 steps the resort was looking pretty large! I hadn’t reached the driveway yet but I could SEE the driveway. at 980 steps I was already down the driveway and at exactly 1000 steps I WAS AT MY CAR DOOR!!

Here’s the lesson in this particular battle for perseverance. 1) Don’t despise your mission. 2) Don’t quit just because it gets hard. 3) Don’t think there’s no end in sight, because there is. 4) Don’t focus on what you HAVEN’T accomplished yet, but celebrate the successes each step of the way!! Before you know it, you’ll be done and be glad you did it!!

The Fruit of the Spirit here is PATIENCE! (which also translates PERSEVERANCE)

Talk to God in the next 24 hours. Remember to breathe and on the exhale Give Him all the Praise.