Battle Systems: Seeking Rest

Posted on September 7, 2012


“This puts the ‘hot’ back in hot tub” I commented to the lady that was soaking with me at Walley’s Hot Spring. The temperature was up to 104 degrees F. The other tubs had only reached a 100 degrees F all week and they felt like we were sitting in lukewarm bathtubs.

After cooking for about 10 minutes in the sulfur smelling mineral water, I could definitely feel my body begin to weaken. I decided to get up and go sit on the lounge chair by the cool pool and cool off. The sun was already starting to go down behind the mountain, but the rays of the sun were peaking up over the mountain top and shining behind the silver clouds. It was absolutely gorgeous.

There were others in the cool pool (which was about 90 df) but I was enjoying the cold air on my skin. I just stared up into the sky and began to meditate on the cloud formations. I could see Yogi bear, a dog with angel wings, a Pegasus horse, and a flying pig. The wind was ever so slight, so the formations would dissipate in a matter of minutes.

I was thinking about how my body was enjoying the hot and the cold. The meditative effect it was having upon my heart was so peaceful. I noticed that as I sat there watching the clouds my skin began to get that crispy cold feeling, so I quickly removed myself from the lounge chair and got back in the 104 df pool. The sting of the hot water was so cathartic that exhaling with a deep sigh help me to acclimate and settle back in.

I repeated the pattern of soaking in the hot, then lounging in the cold about three times. On my third time in the tub, I began to think about how that applied to the battles I face in life. You see I had developed a system and a rhythm that kept me feeling complete and healthy. The sting of the heat demanded the sting of the cold to keep me balanced, enabling me to keep it up for 2 hours. I noticed how the intervals between the hot and cold became shorter and shorter because my body had committed to memory what it felt like to heat up and then cool down.

I think it’s the same with the way the human spirit reacts to the spiritual battles we face in life. When we’re in the heat of battle it’s important that we take the time to remove ourselves from the heat and seek a quiet and cool place to rest. Taking our mind off of the things that are stressful is a healthy thing to do. If you can’t physically remove yourself from your battle field, then it’s important to go to another place meditatively and let the cool breeze of the Holy Spirit give you rest.

I think that’s why Jesus said He’d prefer us to be hot or cold, but if we’re lukewarm He’ll spit us out of His mouth (Rev 3:14-15). He talks about our deeds being hot and cold, but I also think this relates to the condition of our spiritual commitment to remain in righteousness and fight the battle with victory in the end.  I think Jesus knew that hot and cold is a universal balance that God put in place. People who are hot, seek the cold, and people who are cold seek the heat, but when you’re just warm, then the seeking stops. Jesus loves the seeking process.

The fruit of the Spirit that involves seeking in stillness before God, is Faithfulness. Be faithful to have a system of rest in your battle, seek the Lord, find a quiet place to mediate and listen to His cool and soothing voice. Moses said in Exodus 14:14 , “The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.”

So your challenge this week is to develop a battle system of faithfully seeking Him through stillness.

Talk to God in the next 24 hours. Remember to breathe and on the exhale give God all the praise!