The Battle to Keep Perspective


When traveling to foreign countries with the purpose of doing missionary work, it is not uncommon to encounter cultural differences that can greatly affect one's attitude.

My last trip was full of blessings and favor from God and at the same time filled with some unfamiliar hardship. Two flights canceled, long unexpected bus rides, brown water leaking from the ceiling over the primitive toilet in the hotel bathroom, (eww) were just a few of the situations that I was able to exercise the virtue of perspective.

“It could be worse”, I kept telling myself. Then, I listed all the worst things that could be happening instead. After doing this I realized how much God loved me and how he has hand picked my momentary afflictions. His mercy doesn’t exempt me from hardship, but it does protect me from the worst things in life.

Here’s your challenge today: Take out a piece of paper or write in your journal a list of your afflictions on one side of the paper and then on the other side of the paper list all the ways it could be worse. Then, thank the Lord for choosing very carefully the affliction you may be experiencing, knowing that His mercy is sparing you from the worst things in life today.

Fruit of the Spirit: PATIENCE, JOY

Remember to breathe and on the exhale give God all the glory!