Pastor Wendi visits her mother in heaven

May 10, 2017

Linda Gioni-Goldstein

The healings that we received were on Friday and Saturday 15-16th  ofthis month (August 2008 ed.) at the last outpouring event. Both my mother and I received healings on both days the knees and the back were received on Saturday.  (Linda's knees were locked from the age of 6 months and they came free and were able to bend ed.)

I Iive in Reno. Yes you may use the testimonies . The louder the praises the greater the healing.

I don't know if you remember, but I was on stage giving my testimony regarding my knees and you called me back after I had finished and told me that I was not done yet at which point I shouted out the healing so loud you could probably hear me in the casino. After the fire tunnel you laid hands on me.

Thanks so much and many Blessings.


Lula Adams

Lula Adams has a long time friend, Faunie Jones, who came to the Outpouring for the first time on the 19th of September. A biopsy report indicated that she had cancer cells on her nose and she was scheduled for surgery. Lula prayed for her that her nose would be healed of all cancer at the Outpouring. She called Lula after her surgery appointment and told her that she was the first one she called to give her the report. There was no surgery because the doctor did not see any cancer! She is healed!